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The 2021 Virtual iBuild Showcase will be “LIVE” for everyone to take part in from 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 22 through 11:00 p.m. on Friday, April 23. 

Since this is a virtual event this year, we are not held to the confines of a five hour event as when we gather at Bartle Hall. Students that have the inclination to examine all of the exhibits and earn a greater number of certificates (which earn them more chances in the drawings for cash prizes), will have the time to complete the challenge.  

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  • Black and McDonald

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    Electrical Contractor Company

    Black & McDonald is an integrated electrical contractor that safely delivers high-quality construction, maintenance, asset management and technical solutions to discerning customers. Family owned and operated, our company employs over 5,000 employees working out of more than 30 offices across North America. With nearly 100 years of diverse market experience, we are a forward‑thinking organization with a strong track record of delivering operational excellence and customer-focused solutions that stand the test of time.

  • Boilermakers Local 83

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    Local 83’s past and present achievements during our 100 years allow our skilled membership and leaders to achieve higher goals and exemplify the Boilermaker Code.

    In order to guarantee our members have proper training, knowledge and room for our growing membership, a new training center, complete with rigging structure, offices and basement storage were built in 2011 to double the size of the existing building.  Members formerly used the International training center located in Kansas City, KS, which is now closed.  Members, apprentices, and potential members have access to the current training center during normal office hours.

    Community support is also a big part of Local 83’s brotherhood.  Annual Red Cross blood drives are held at the Hall in honor of a member’s son who suffered from Crohn’s disease.  College Scholarships are awarded annually to students of current members who submit essays. Boy Scouts have shown their welding skills to earn badges.  Local 83 has helped fund and donated to dozens of programs around the area.

    The Apprenticeship program and on-the-job training also give our members life-long knowledge to work locally and nationally.  This ability brings the local union members together to form a brotherhood full of pride and loyalty.  The Midwest’s fossil fuel and renewable resource industry provide ample work throughout the year and outage season, and one reason we maintain high membership.  

    Local 83 will compete with the best, produce the best, and be the best…Brotherhood of Boilermakers.


    Contains 2 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Here's a chance to earn extra certificates.

    Make sure you look at the images carefully. 


    Contains 2 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Here's a chance to earn extra certificates.

    Make sure you look at the images carefully. 


    Contains 2 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Here's a chance to earn extra certificates.

    Make sure you look at the images carefully. 

  • Capital Electric Line Builders

    Contains 11 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Headquartered in Riverside, Missouri, Capital Electric Line Builders, Inc. specializes in installing and maintaining overhead and underground transmission and distribution systems, substations, traffic signalization, and roadway and area lighting.

    Capital Electric Line Builders was founded in 1967 to serve the utility industry on contracts such as substations, distribution systems, underground installations and high-voltage transmission lines. Since the beginning, Capital Electric has prided itself on providing customers with a full range of professional electrical services.

  • CWC Joint Venture (New KCI Terminal)

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    Construction is one of the industries with the highest projections for new employment opportunities! Positions vary, ranging from unskilled laborer and helper jobs to roles that require extensive training, education, and skills. The construction industry relies on teamwork to build office buildings, homes, schools, roads, bridges, factories, and infrastructure projects like the Kansas City International Airport (KCI) New Terminal Project.

    Employees in the construction industry have numerous trades and occupations to choose from, including jobs in management, finance, human resources, marketing, field operations, skilled labor, engineering, supervision, and more!

  • Evergy Companies

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    Evolving to create more savings, sustainable energy and solutions that meet your needs. How we arrived where we are today... Evergy was created in 2018 as the result of a merger between Westar Energy and KCP&L. Today, we strive to bring you more savings and sustainable energy along with solutions and choices that fit your lifestyle.

    Because electricity is an essential part of our daily lives, the energy industry continues to evolve to meet the needs of our customers and the environment. We're focused on moving energy forward, offering innovative solutions and providing reliable and safe energy to you.

  • Foley Equipment

    Contains 9 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Foley Equipment has grown into one of the region’s leading suppliers of construction equipment and expertise with nearly 1,000 employees in 15 locations across Kansas and northwest Missouri.

    MISSION: We foster a culture that attracts the very best, so we deliver the very best.

    VITALITY – We care about and commit to the safety and wellbeing of everyone. We are fully engaged – serving customers with a sense of urgency.
    OWNERSHIP – We optimize performance through personal responsibility, open and direct communication, and relentless process improvement.
    INTEGRITY – We are honest, authentic, and humble. We make promises and honor them.
    CONFIDENCE – We are courageous. We seek feedback to learn, innovate and grow.
    EXCELLENCE – We are high achievers, collaborating to deliver value regardless of the challenge.

    PURPOSE:Empowering Progress

  • Ironworkers Local 10

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    The Ironworkers of Local 10 are proud to be a part of building Kansas City, Springfield, Topeka and their surrounding areas since 1898. Our heritage of craftsmanship, quality, and dependability has been handed down for generations by master craftsmen, a practice that continues to this day. Our members are well trained and certified in all aspects of ironwork; whether it be structural steel erection, rebar placement, pre-cast erection, curtain-wall and window systems, or one of the many other areas of our trade. Our pride in our work is second to none.

    The work that Ironworkers do falls into a number of related segments, and most Ironworkers will do more that one type of work.
    Structural Ironworkers unload and erect fabricated steel members and pre-cast concrete panels. They also perform metal decking and sheeting installation, as well as install miscellaneous steel. Our welders are certified through The American Welding Society.
    Ornamental Ironworkers install curtain-wall and window systems, as well as stairways, catwalks, grating, ladders, doors, railings, fencing, gates, guardrail, and platforms.
    Reinforcing Ironworkers place rebar, mesh, composite bars, and post-tensioning cables in structures wherever concrete is used. Our post-tensioning installers are certified through the Post-Tensioning Institute.
    Rigging Ironworkers unload, move, and set machinery and other challenging objects are within our jurisdiction. Our riggers are qualified Internationally through an accredited rigging and crane signaling program.

  • Kansas Gas Service

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    Kansas Gas Service is the largest natural gas distribution utility in Kansas, providing clean, reliable natural gas to more than 640,000 customers in 360 communities.

    Kansas Gas Service is committed to being an organization that strives for excellence. Our industry is evolving. There is greater competition and greater customer choice. These changes will yield exciting new opportunities to serve the customers who have trusted us as their reliable source of natural gas. We value that trust. It's been earned by our employees who have made it their business to satisfy customers year after year.

    Safety and environmental performance are our top priorities, and we work hard to deliver natural gas service with no adverse effect on the public, our customers, employees or the environment. So when the Office of Pipeline Safety issued a final rule requiring natural gas pipeline operators to develop integrity management programs for natural gas transmission pipelines in high-consequence areas, Kansas Gas Service created an integrity management program that meets or exceeds the requirements of the integrity management regulations.

  • KCK Community College Tech Center

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    Inspire individuals & enrich our community one student at a time. Be a national leader in academic excellence & partner of choice in the communities we serve.

    An educational environment that encourages a strong commitment to high academic standards that sustain and advances excellence in learning and encourages challenging, innovative, and varied programs, teaching methods, and delivery systems; enhances student intellectual and social development to the fullest extent possible; and stresses the attitudes, behaviors, responsibilities, and skills required for effective learning and citizenship in a multicultural democracy.

    • Transfer education in the liberal arts and sciences that enables students to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

    Career education in a technical or professional field that enables students to achieve a certificate and/or associate degree.
    General education and support services that expand students’ social, cultural, ethical, and intellectual horizons through the investigation of the liberal arts and sciences.
    Continuing education that enables students to achieve and maintain workforce credentials, and to enhance personal growth and cultural enrichment.
    Developmental education that enables students to improve basic learning skills in reading, writing, and mathematics to make satisfactory progress toward educational objectives.
    Community services that offer cultural and recreational activities, provide access to college facilities, and that serve as a planning, research, and resource center to the college’s varied communities.
    Education and support services that are responsive to the needs of the college’s service area, including educational systems, business and industry, community agencies, and other post-secondary institutions.
    Student support services that assist students in achieving their educational objectives through quality advising, counseling, financial aid, enrollment services, tutoring and access.
    Multicultural environment that reflects and respects diversity and seeks to increase understanding and appreciation of differences.
    Administrative and institutional support services that continuously assess and evaluate college policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that the College is fulfilling its mission and achieving its purposes.
    Activities that encourage student and community involvement geared to broaden occupational, social, political, cultural, aesthetic, athletic, and recreational interests.
    Campus environment that promotes the teaching and learning process through accessible, comfortable, safe, and well-maintained facilities.

  • KC Water

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    KC Water protects and enhances one of Kansas City’s most precious resources by delivering safe and reliable drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater services to our customers. Our focus is on continuing to provide quality products and an excellent experience to our customers today, as we prepare for the water needs of the next generation.

    KC Water maintains and operates water collection, treatment, and distribution systems; wastewater collection and treatment systems; and stormwater management systems for 170,000 residential and business customers in Kansas City and for 32 wholesale customers in the Kansas City region. The operation is funded by fees charged to customers based on their use or impacts on the water, wastewater, and stormwater utility systems.

  • McCarthy Building

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    Our Kansas City office supports the needs of the thriving communities throughout Kansas and western Missouri.

    We have been working for more than 30 years in Kansas City and established a permanent office in 2013. Since then, the local office has grown to more than 100 office and field employees and the fifth largest contractor in Kansas City according to the Kansas City Business Journal. Our Kansas City office supports the needs of the thriving communities throughout Kansas and western Missouri. With long-term partnerships across the region, the Kansas City team pairs intelligent solutions with built-in know-how to build quality schoolsmedical facilities, infrastructure and sophisticated laboratories this growing community needs.

  • MCC Business & Technology

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    Metropolitan Community College is a public community college system in the U.S. state of Missouri. The system consists of five separate campuses in Kansas City, Independence, and Lee's Summit. The campuses had a total enrollment of 15,770 in 2019.

    Metropolitan Community College, founded in 1915 as the Kansas City Polytechnic Institute, is the oldest public institution of higher learning in Kansas City, Mo., and was the first community college established in Missouri. The Junior College of Kansas City, as it was known starting in 1919, was one of the first schools in the country to award an associate degree. Today, MCC offers 125 associate degree and certificate programs.

  • McCownGordon Construction

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    Headquartered in Kansas City, McCownGordon strives to be more than a construction company; we aim to be thought leaders in our industry by providing our clients with continuous insight, sharing the latest trends and communicating updates in technology, safety standards and regulations

    McCownGordon was founded in 1999 with the idea that the industry was ready for a different kind of construction company. One focused on the client first. Instead of focusing solely on materials like concrete and steel, founders Pat McCown and Brett Gordon set out to build a team of go-getters who believed in doing business transparently and who valued building long-term relationships. From inception, it was their mission to ensure every employee embodied the core values of integrity, performance and relationships, and that those values wouldn’t just be words on walls. These values would underpin our approach to everything.

  • Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDot)

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    The Missouri Department of Transportation is a state government organization in charge of maintaining public roadways of the U.S. state of Missouri under the guidance of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.

    Our mission is to provide a world-class transportation system that is safe, innovative, reliable and dedicated to a prosperous Missouri. MoDOT prides itself on strong institutional values. These values represent the fundamental principles and philosophy of the agency. They establish the boundaries within which all department activities will be conducted and can be grouped into three primary pillars: safety, service, stability.

  • MO & KS Laborers District Council

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    The Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA – www.liuna.org) is one of the most progressive and strongest unions in the country. With more than 500,000 members, LiUNA is the eighth-largest labor organization in America, representing a skilled and diverse workforce.

    The LIUNA Midwest Region (www.midwestlaborers.org) provides resources of the International Union to assist 75 Local Unions and 7 District Councils across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and South Dakota. Headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, the Midwest Regional Office administers a variety of programs to assist the Region’s 58,000 Local Union members.

    The Missouri Kansas Laborers’ District Council (MKLDC) plays a vital role, as a part of the LIUNA Midwest Region. The MKLDC represents Missouri and Kansas, 16 Locals covering 219 counties plus the City of St. Louis, and has a membership of over 9,000. The council’s core responsibility is to ensure a safe working environment, to deliver a skilled workforce, to ensure all labor laws are followed and is the lead negotiator for all Missouri Kansas Laborers’ contracts.

    The MKLDC also assists and promotes the union’s three joint labor-management programs (Tri-Funds), the Laborers-AGC Education and Training Fund, the Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust, and the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America.

    Through the Laborers-AGC Education and Training Fund (www.laborers-highhill.org), MKLDC has a state-of-the-art training center that educates Laborers in basic and specialized construction skills. The Training Center also administers the union’s Apprenticeship Program for new members of the union.

    The Missouri Kansas Laborers’ District Council Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET – www.molecet.org) works with union-signatory construction contractors to promote the benefits of union construction and to increase the market share of union contractors.

    The Midwest Region Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund (www.mrlhsf.org) was created in 1999 to protect the health and welfare of Laborers. Through education, training, and promotion of personal health and job safety, the Fund protects both contractors and members alike. The Midwest Region Organizing Committee (www.mrocnow.org), in conjunction with MKLDC, helps bring new members throughout Missouri and Kansas into the Laborers Union by assisting workers to achieve the benefits of collective bargaining and union representation.

    The Missouri Foundation for Fair Contracting (MFFC) works to protect the interests of workers and contractors employed on publicly funded construction projects. By monitoring these projects, the MFFC ensures that all applicable state and federal laws are enforced, creating a level playing field in the construction industry.

  • MW Builders

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    We're proud to partner with local organizations to educate youth on the financially rewarding career opportunities available to them within the construction industry.

    Who is MW Builders? “MW” is for a longstanding history founded on our Midwestern values. “Builders” truly represents who we are: expert craftspeople and trusted partners. We are a nationally-respected and relationship-driven commercial construction company, and we love what we do. Our team delivers preconstruction, design-build, general construction, and construction management services that get results. As we grow, putting down roots and investing in the people and communities we serve will always be our most important priority. 

  • N.I.C.E

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    National Institute for Construction Excellence (NICE) believes that students, whether they attend college or not, deserve to have a rewarding career that provides them with a good quality of life. It is our mission at NICE to engage with the students several times a year, beginning in 6th grade and continuing that level of engagement through their senior year in high school. The National Institute for Construction of Excellence (NICE) was established in 1998 to design a construction education program which would increase awareness of the potential construction career fields of engineering, architecture, contracting and the skilled trades to young people, parents and educators.

  • Operating Engineers Local 101

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    Operating Engineers Local 101 Heavy Equipment Operators has an on-the-job apprentice program.

    Operating Engineers Local 101 jurisdiction includes fifty-six counties in Western Missouri and the entire state of Kansas. Local 101 Kansas City Missouri has approx. 4500 members and is the 22nd largest mixed H&P and Stationary Engineers union in the United States

  • Pipefitters UA Local 533

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    Pipefitters UA Local 533 Apprentice & Journeyman Training

    The pipefitting trade includes but is not limited to the fabrication, installation, maintenance, and repair of all types of pipes and related materials. This includes installing hot water and steam heating systems, refrigeration, air conditioning, oil burners, stokers, power piping, welding, industrial process piping, pneumatic and digital temperature control equipment, high and low-pressure boilers, pneumatic piping, hydraulic piping and system commissioning.

  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 2

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    SMART Local Union No. 2 encompasses the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, St. Joseph and includes 39 counties in Missouri, as well as 60 counties in Kansas, the cities of Topeka, Lawrence, Pittsburg and Coffeyville. Local 2 is an affiliate of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers’ Union, an International Labor Union with membership in the AFL-CIO and the Canadian Labor Council. Our local union’s elected officials assist members in obtaining employment and manage the daily operations, including the very important role of recruiting new members and organizing contractors. Additionally, our representatives cooperate closely with the Apprentice and Journeyman Training Center in providing education and promoting safety programs.

    The impact of the labor movement in America is evident in the history of the Sheet Metal Workers, particularly that of Local 2. From 1880 – 1889, 62 international unions were established. Among them was the ancestor of the present Sheet Metal Workers International Association. It was called the Tin, Sheet Iron and Cornice Workers International Association, established Jan. 25, 1888. Not all of the 62 continued, but the Cornice Workers survived to make their place in the history of modern trade unionism.

    The origins of the union really go back to period in American labor and industrial history when tinners, tinsmiths or metal workers were constantly growing in numbers of shops to satisfy the increasing demand for their products and services of their skill – for utensils as well as for their construction skills. The metal workers found, as all craftsmen find and come to realize, that only in unity is there strength.

    While skills in an expanding economy were at a premium, the advances in wages were not enough to satisfy the more farsighted of the leaders among the tin workers. The perceptions of one of these men, Robert Kellerstrass, were to be translated into effective action. Early in 1887, Kellerstrass began communicating with other tinners’ locals. His letter struck a warm response; other locals and members had been having similar thoughts about combining forces

    The official convention call included reference both to Archibald Barnes of Kansas City, Mo., and to Kellerstrass to whom acceptances could be sent. Perhaps credit for the origin and calling should be shared; some observers think so.

    The site of the founding event: Toledo, Ohio; the day: January 25, 1888. Tinners’ organizations from Peoria, Ill., Kansas City, Omaha, Memphis, Toledo, Dayton and Youngstown convened to “better our conditions morally and socially”, as Kellerstrass put it. Sessions were held for four days during which the problems of wages, hours and conditions, as well as labor relations, economic conditions, construction industry matters were discussed.

    -from The Sheet Metal Workers’ Story: A Chronicle of Fine Craftsmanship 1888 – 1980. By Arch A. Mercey

  • SPX Cooling Technologies

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    SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Overland Park, KS

    SPX Cooling Technologies knows that sustaining our strong culture and record of success depends on matching talented individuals with challenging and stimulating assignments. Throughout our history, we’ve flourished by focusing on product innovation, expert power and customer care.
    Talented employees are our greatest resource and will continue to set our high standards.

  • STL KC Carpenters Regional Council

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    The St. Louis - Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council represents more than 20,000 members in 33 locals across Missouri, Kansas, and Southern Illinois. It was in St. Louis that Peter J. McGuire first organized a citywide carpenters’ alliance and issued the call for a national carpenters’ union in the first edition of the Carpenter, which remains the national publication for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC).

    Since the UBC's inception in 1881, and the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council's inception in 1915, we have evolved to meet the needs of our membership and the consumers who hire us. The Regional Council works for its members by negotiating fair wages and comprehensive benefit packages, and we have invested more than $250 million in redevelopment projects to create jobs. We believe in providing our contractors with the most productive and skilled workforce available, while offering the kind of advanced training and technology that gives us the competitive edge.

  • Superior Bowen

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    Superior Bowen, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of the largest asphalt paving and construction companies in the Midwest. The company has also expanded into new, related areas of business in which we have specific expertise.

    Today, our services include cold milling, hot mix asphalt production, asphalt additives and formulations, QA/QC lab testing, and site prep development planning and earthwork. Our customers – whether state governments and municipalities, federal aviation authorities, general contractors, commercial developers, or other asphalt construction companies – know they can count on Superior Bowen to deliver. Through many years of proven performance, Superior Bowen has built a reputation of reliability. To our customers, that means certainty of outcome and a standard of quality that consistently goes beyond specifications.

    Superior Bowen supports and is actively involved in these industry associations:


  • The Builders' Association

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    Four service and training centers operate in Kansas City, Jefferson City and Springfield to serve both union and nonunion member companies and to aid collaboration by connecting passionate people and businesses, with a vision of improving lives through construction.

    The Builders’ Association is a nonprofit commercial construction trade association serving hundreds of member companies that employ over 25,000 people in mid-America. Founded in 1887, The Builders’ Association has advanced the construction industry by delivering safety, craft and management training; employment, labor and government relations; and construction plans and technology tools.

  • Turner Construction

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    Our goal is to provide long-term career opportunities for our greatest asset: our people.

    Turner has had a permanent home in downtown Kansas City for over 30 years. We have a professional staff of 250+ living, working and playing in the Kansas City Metro. We value the trusted relationships we have established with our many repeat clients and we believe in making a difference in our communities. Our goal is to provide long-term career opportunities for our greatest asset: our people.

  • University of Central Missouri

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    The University of Central Missouri is an innovative school that offers a high-quality education while remaining one of the most affordable universities in the country.

    Here, your education extends beyond books to include service-learning projects, study abroad opportunities and real-world experiences. Plus, UCM is the state leader in degree completion among public universities. Statistics recently released by the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) show that UCM’s degree completion rate per full-time equivalent (FTE) is the highest among all of Missouri’s public universities and more than double the state benchmark.

     At UCM we strive to give you the student services, resources and support you need to experience academic success and earn your degree on time. Engaged learning. Future-focused academics. Culture of service. Worldly perspective. These are the building blocks that will allow you to thrive at UCM—and into your future. Take classes online or on our campuses in Warrensburg and Lee’s Summit, Missouri.