Boilermakers Local 83

Recorded On: 03/14/2021

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In order to guarantee our members have proper training, knowledge and room for our growing membership, a new training center, complete with rigging structure, offices and basement storage were built in 2011 to double the size of the existing building.  Members formerly used the International training center located in Kansas City, KS, which is now closed.  Members, apprentices, and potential members have access to the current training center during normal office hours.

Community support is also a big part of Local 83’s brotherhood.  Annual Red Cross blood drives are held at the Hall in honor of a member’s son who suffered from Crohn’s disease.  College Scholarships are awarded annually to students of current members who submit essays. Boy Scouts have shown their welding skills to earn badges.  Local 83 has helped fund and donated to dozens of programs around the area.

The Apprenticeship program and on-the-job training also give our members life-long knowledge to work locally and nationally.  This ability brings the local union members together to form a brotherhood full of pride and loyalty.  The Midwest’s fossil fuel and renewable resource industry provide ample work throughout the year and outage season, and one reason we maintain high membership.  

Local 83 will compete with the best, produce the best, and be the best…Brotherhood of Boilermakers.


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