Ironworkers Local 10

Recorded On: 04/18/2021

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The work that Ironworkers do falls into a number of related segments, and most Ironworkers will do more that one type of work.
Structural Ironworkers unload and erect fabricated steel members and pre-cast concrete panels. They also perform metal decking and sheeting installation, as well as install miscellaneous steel. Our welders are certified through The American Welding Society.
Ornamental Ironworkers install curtain-wall and window systems, as well as stairways, catwalks, grating, ladders, doors, railings, fencing, gates, guardrail, and platforms.
Reinforcing Ironworkers place rebar, mesh, composite bars, and post-tensioning cables in structures wherever concrete is used. Our post-tensioning installers are certified through the Post-Tensioning Institute.
Rigging Ironworkers unload, move, and set machinery and other challenging objects are within our jurisdiction. Our riggers are qualified Internationally through an accredited rigging and crane signaling program.


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